The Teddy Bear Artist Event, UK

I will be adding lots of information here about arrangments for the day.  Please check back regularly.

I have added details about parking options to a separate page on the website.  Click here. (We will visit the car parks in the weeks leading up to the 2015 event, and make sure these are all up-to-date)

Here is a map to show where you can unload your car:

  • The front entrance to the Artshouse (previously the Civic Hall) is on Rother Street.  If you are arriving on foot, please feel free to use the front entrance.  I will do my best to make sure it is open from 8:30am.
  • If you wish to unload a car, please approach the Civic Hall following the green arrows on the map above.  You turn off Rother Street into the 'Rother Street Civic Car Park' (it is not clear on the map that you are entering the car park as soon as you turn off Rother Street).
  • You end up in a very small area behind the Civic Hall, where you can unload your car through the back door which leads directly into the hall. (This entrance is marked on the floorplan).
  • You will be directed where to stop your car for unloading by a member of my Organiser's Team.  Please make sure you follow all of his directions to ensure everyone is able to unload as quickly as possible.
  • There is only room for approximately 10 exhibitors to be unloading at the same time.  It is therefore very important that you remove your car immediately after finishing to unload your car.
  • There will be members of my Team around to help you unload your car if you would like some help.
  • Remove your car before beginning to set up your stall.  You will find details of nearby car parks on the 'Parking in Stratford' page on this website.  You will already be in 'Rother Street Civic Car Park' which is the nearest to the Civic Hall.  However, it is up to you to decide where you would like to park.
  • If there is a queue of exhibitors waiting to unload, please make sure your car is not blocking any members of the public from the using Rother Street Civic Car Park.
  • The unloading area is only open from 8:30am until 11:00am.  The back door will be closed at 11:00am for security reasons.
  • For loading your car at the end of the day, you will be able to access the unloading area from 4:00pm, and not before.
  • If you are parked in the Rother Street Civic Car Park, you may well be able to load your car at the end of the day without needing to move it, as the car park is only a tiny bit further to walk than the unloading area, when accessed through the back of the hall.  This may give you a quicker and easier get-away.  Similarly, you may feel that you can unload from this car park at the start of the day, rather than wait for your turn to access the unloading area. (Please be aware that I have been informed that the traffic wardens are very 'keen' in Stratford, so please make sure you have bought a ticket before leaving your vehicle, even if you are only unloading).
  • There is Pay and Display parking in front of the Civic Hall, which costs (before 2012) 50p for half an hour.  If there is a long queue waiting to unload when you arrive, you may feel like paying the 50p to park your car there for half an hour and unload from the front.  Please be aware that there is further to walk through the Civic Hall from the front entrance to get to the hall, but if you are feeling energetic and don't have anything particularly heavy to carry, you'll be fine!!
  • Please always remember that my Team are on hand to help you unload if you need their help!!

Stall Layout
Stall numbers will be added just before the Event. A floorplan can be found on this website.

Electricity will only be available to exhibitors who requested it on their booking form.
Each exhibitor is limited to 120 watts (the equivalent of two 60 watt bulbs).
The event is being professionally lit using theatre lighting, to ensure good lighting all around the hall.
All electrical equipment must be P.A.T. tested.  If your equipment has not been tested, it will be P.A.T. tested on the day.  Please be aware that any equipment deemed unsafe by the venue manager or Health & Safety officer will not be able to be used on the day.

8:30am - Exhibitors have access to the hall to set-up their stall.
9:30am - Refreshments open.
9:30am to 11:00am - Entries to the Exhibitors' Challenge are
accepted on the stage.
                                - Raffle donations are accepted in the foyer.
                                - Exhibitors can order their lunch.
11:00am - The event opens to the public.
12:00noon to 1:00pm - Lunches are delivered to exhibitors who
ordered them.

3:00pm onwards - Exhibitors' Challenge winners announced
                               - Free Prize Draw winner announced
                               - Raffle winners announced.
4:00pm - The event closes to the public.

Exhibitors' Challenge
The details of the 2015 Exhibitors' Challenge can be found on this website.

Entrants must let me know by 7th June 2015, which category(s) they are planning to enter. Please email me by this date to let me know which category(s) you are planning to enter.
Please remember that it costs 5.00GBP per category entered.  This money will need to be paid on the day, when you bring your challenge entry to be displayed.  Entries will be displayed on the stage area.  Please bring your entry to the stage area from 9:30am onwards.

If you have offered a bear for the raffle, please bring it along on the morning of the event.  Please send me an email with your prize details/picture as soon as possible, so that I can add it to the website - thank you!

Badges will be provided on arrival at the event, which must be worn at all times.  Stallholders will be given two badges.  Please let me know if you need any more than two.  Badges must be returned at the end of the day.  Thank you.

I have a team of people from my family who will be coming to the event to provide refreshments. 
 - Refreshments will open from 9:30am for drinks and snacks.  They will be serving toast, toasted teacakes and toasted muffins for anyone who would like a snack before opening.
 - From 9:30am to 11:00am you can go and order your lunch.  There will be a lovely range of reasonably priced rolls and sandwiches on offer
.  Sandwiches and rolls will be fresh and made-to-order.  If you order and pay for your lunch between 9:30am and 11:00am, it will be delivered to your stall between 12:00noon and 1:00pm. 
 - There will also be a range of homemade cakes on offer.