The Teddy Bear Artist Event, UK

TBAE Exhibitors Challenge 2015

Category 1: Prim and Proper

Prim and proper bear(s) or critter(s). These could be smart, traditional, well-dressed, old-fashioned, elegant, aristocratic looking bears. Interpret the theme in your own way!

Category 2: Wild and Wacky

Wild and wacky bear(s) or critter(s). These could be un-traditional, colourful, unusual, eccentric bears. Interpret the theme in your own way!

Category 3: Travelling

A bear/critter or group of bears/critters to represent the idea of a travelling. Your entry could portray a specific place, country, landmark that you would travel to, or it could focus on the method of transportation. Interpret the theme in your own way!

Category 4: Try something new!

This category encourages you as an artist to try a technique that is new to you. This could be making a bear of a different size than you are used to, trying a new skill such as needle-felting, embroidery, etc (if these skills are new to you), or using a type of fabric that is new to you. Feel free to include a note with your entry explaining the new skill you have used.


  • You may enter as many of the categories as you like, but you may only enter each category once.

  • The challenge is open to exhibitors at the 2015 Teddy Bear Artist Event only.

  • A first place, second place and third place will be awarded in each category.

  • All entries will be displayed in their category on the Stage Area at the venue on 14th June 2015.

  • Each entry can include a maximum of three bears/critters.

  • Entries can be dressed or undressed in any category.

  • Your entry can be of any size (within reason!). I only ask you to remember that space is limited so please do not go too large!

  • Judging will be by way of public vote. Each entry will be placed next to a labelled box. Members of the public will be asked to make a small donation to the British Heart Foundation, and will then be given four voting tokens, which they can place in the boxes of the entries that they would like to vote for. The winner will be the bear in each category with the highest number of tokens.

  • One entry overall will be chosen by me, the organiser, to be awarded a free stall at the Teddy Bear Artist Event in 2016.

  • Challenge pieces can be labelled with your name, and can be for sale. Simply produce a small, neat sign to go next to your entry, with your name, price and stand number on it, so that if anyone is interested in purchasing your bear during the day, they can visit you at your stand.

  • Entries must remain in place until the winners are announced at 3:30pm on the day of the event. (Therefore if your bear is adopted during the day, you will need to ask the collector to collect their bear after 3:30pm)

  • Entry costs 5 per category. This money will go to the British Heart Foundation.